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Super Mario Land was launched in 1989 for Nintendo Game Boy console. The title was the first for the handheld console. The plot is similar to Super Mario Bros released in 1985 but it was made smaller to fit in the device’s screen. In the game the player takes Mario through the game’s 12 levels while he jumps from right to left while avoiding falling and enemies. The gameplay takes place in a fictional world called Sarasaland and Mario has the pursues Princess Daisy, who has been introduced in the game. Included in the game are two Gradius style shooter levels. The game was developed at the request of Nintendo CEO Hiroshi Yamauchi who needed a game to sell their new console. The game is the first portable version and one of the first to omit the input of Mario creator – Shigeru Miyamoto. The team had to shrink some of the Mario characters to fit in the console. While the game launched in Japan in 1989 it was later re-launched for Virtual console and Nintendo 3DS in 2011. However, it had some tweaks in how it was represented. Many critics loved the fact that the game was now available in a console but where disappointed by its short length. The game become a global success that surpassed Super Mario 3 by selling over 18 million copies. Spin-offs where made in the 1992 Super Mario Land 2: Golden coins and Super Mario Land 3 also called Wario Land. Princess Daisy debuted as a main character in the series. Download our Super Mario Land ROM Here.

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How to Play Super Mario Land Game

This is the first Super Mario Land side-scrolling series. Just like previous Super Mario games the protagonist – Mario – goes to the end of the game by moving right while jumping to avoid falling and enemies. As the player advances the game scrolls to the right but you cannot scroll to the left and access previous played games. In the game, the antagonist – Tatanga – has captured princess Daisy and it is up to Mario to rescue her. Download Super Mario Land ROM Here.

Mario has to travel to Sarasaland to rescue Princess Daisy. Out of the twelve levels, two are forced scrolling with one style Mario is able to acquire an airplane or submarine and use it to fire a projectile towards incoming enemies and other obstacles. Just above the regular exit, there is an alternate exit where the final platform challenge takes place. Once players reach the level end they are rewarded with a mini-game; other bonuses include a fire flower or extra lives. Download our Super Mario Land ROM here.

Super Mario land takes a different approach to the game being set in Sarasaland instead of the popular Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach is replaced with Princess Daisy as the damsel in distress. In the game, the moment Mario jumps on Koopa shells they explode after a short time. Instead of fireballs, Mario throws bouncing balls called Super Balls. Mushroom 1-UP have a heart symbol while the platforming challenge replaces the level-end flagpoles. The super land is divided into 12 levels with 4 worlds each having 3 levels each. Bosses have also be changed with the game having just five – each representing the end of each world. After you have defeated the fourth boss then Tatanga appears – his the last boss. You can defeat the first three bosses by using projectiles or you can move to the exit without destroying any of them. In the last level, you will not find your regular exit but you will find two bosses who you have to destroy using projectiles to complete the level. Download our Super Mario Land ROM Here.Download Super Mario Land ROM

You will find some common items found in other Mario titles like:- blocks suspended in midair, to traverse pitfalls use moving platforms, pipes connecting areas, collectible coins that give you an extra life, and Goomba enemies. Once a player is done with the game, they can replay all levels again. The difference this time is that the levels are harder, with more enemies. Once you are done you can choose any other level that you found interesting and replay it. Download Super Mario Land ROM Here.

What are Common elements in Super Mario land Game?

Super Mario Land ROMIn all Super Mario games that you play, you will notice that there are recurring elements. In most the games Mario has to hit a block to reveal the hidden item. The most common item that players collect is the Super Mushroom. The mushroom power-up appears in almost all of the Super Mario games. The super mushroom gives Mario the ability to increase his size and become a giant. However, if hit by an enemy he reverts to his original size. When in this mode most of the blocks that had super mushrooms no contain fire flower. Super mushroom often appears with an ivory stalk and a red and white cap. The mushroom shares similarities with Amanita Muscaria and was created when there was a lot of concern that Mario was too big. Download our Super Mario Land ROM Here.

Similar to the Super Mushroom is the Poison mushroom – appears as a dark blue-capped mushroom. The poison mushroom produces the same effect as when you are hit by an enemy or you touch a spike. Later games changed the item to look like a super mushroom but with a menacing look. The mini mushroom is another common item in Super Mario games. It allows Mario to become miniature; this enables him to go throw pipes and small places. He also can float midair, jump higher, bounce off enemies without causing them harm; unless when he pounds on them. Mario can also run through water surfaces as if he is on land. The downside is that Mario is more vulnerable in this state and loses a life when his hit. Mario can run up walls in New Super Mario Bros U. Download our Super Mario Land ROM Here.

A new mushroom called the Mega mushroom enables Mario to become a giant who destroys enemies and obstacles. The creature made its debut in New Super Mario Bros 2 and Mario 3D world. Mega mushroom has an orange-yellow cap with red spots. In Super Mario Bros he has an inflated cap while in Super Mario 64 DS his simply called mushroom; he functions just like the mega mushroom. In Super Mario Maker a costume is given to Mario to give him powers like those in Super Mushroom. Download our Super Mario land ROM Here.

1-UP power-ups are a common feature in Mario games. The items often appear as green and white mushrooms and they give Mario an extra life. The items made their debut in Super Mario Bros where they were hidden in invisible blocks; often portrayed with an orange cap. 3D games have the 1Ups being found in certain areas. Projectile flowers enable Mario to fire different projectiles. Mario is turned into Mario fire and can toss bouncing fireballs at enemies. Fireballs debuted in Super Mario Galaxy. In Super Mario land the super flower takes the form of bouncing balls and Mario can use it to collect coins or defeat enemies. Similar to the fire flower is the ice flower. This flower enables Mario to shoot ice projectiles that freeze enemies. In Galaxy it works differently; Mario turns into ice and is able to walk on hot lava just like on land. This is done for a limited time. In Mario Bros U Mario is able to throw ice projectiles at enemies and lock them in ice cubes making them immobile. The gold flower enables Mario earn bonus coins when he defeats enemies or turn bricks into coins. Download Super Mario Land ROM Here.

Another cool feature in the game is the invisibility feature. Starman – an anthropomorphized flashing star – that grants Mario the power to become invincible. In other games, his called the Super Star or Rainbow star. When Mario becomes invincible he is able to resist harm; a distinctive song plays in the background with Mario body colors flicking. In other titles, there is increased speed and the ability to jump higher. Mario – when invincible – can kill enemies by coming into contact with them. Super Mario 64 has a vanish cap or metal cap to activate the invincibility feature. Download our Super Mario Land Rom Here.

Download Super Mario Land ROMIn order to proceed to the overworld, you will need collectibles. They can be found in hidden places and are had to locate. In Super Mario land you will need to collect six golden coins for you to proceed with the game. Flying was first introduced in Super Mario Bros 2 where a magic carpet is used. In other game, Mario is given an animal tail that acts like a propeller. The propeller mushroom enables Mario to go into the air and descend. In Super Mario Land Marion has access to a yellow airplane called Sky Pop. The plane has unlimited ammunition. There various power suits available to Mario; most made to look like animals. Download our Super Mario Land ROM Here.

Coins have been distributed in the game as rewards and puzzles. If more than 50 yellow coins are collected by Mario he gets an extra life. Coins come in various variants; dragon coins, silver coins, star coins, amongst others. The coins can differ from one game to another. Some coins can be used to replenish health or air when Mario is underwater. When you have more than 100 coins you get a power star. Blue coins are worth five normal coins and in other games, the blue coin acts as a side quest. Download our Super Mario Land ROM Here.

How to use Super Marion Land ROM

Super Mario games have been with us for many decades. Once we think we have seen the best, another title pops in. You can play the game for days just to unlock special levels and items. But, if you want to take your gaming experience to the next level then you will need to try our Super Mario Land ROM. The Rom comes with a user-friendly editor that can be used by anyone. Beginners will find this editor to be the most user-friendly due to its ability to utilize tutorials. Within minutes of making the download, you can begin playing the game as usual. The gaming editor enables players to create their own unique gaming world with customized maps, characters, and collectible items. You do not need to be an expert designer to use our ROM; its available to everybody.

Compatibility and Security

To ensure that our ROM is available to everybody, we made it be compatible with windows Pc and Mac. You can easily download the Rom from our site. Our site has been designed with you in mind. It is safe, secure and free from malware and viruses. We have also eliminated any bugs in the Rom and you will not experience any blockages or errors when playing the game. We have also ensured that the Rom is up to date and useful in all ways.

Customer Support

A great product is always accompanied by excellent support staff. We have a team of customer care staff who are available 24/7; this ensures that any queries that you may have is responded to in the fastest way possible. We also have a suggestion box where you can drop us comments on how we can serve you better.

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We have been in the gaming industry for many years and we know the needs of customers when it comes to gaming experience. Our team of developers always ensure the ROM available for download is up to date and useful. We have also ensured that our site is safe and secure. You will not experience any blockages when using our gaming Rom.

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Download Super Mario Land ROM


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