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Super Mario also called “Hepburn” in Japanese is a game developed by Nintendo that features the mascot called Mario. The game is the first in the franchise that has had a title released for every Nintendo game console and handheld. Super Mario game follows Mario throw his adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. To help him in his travels Mario is often accompanied by his brother Luigi. Being a platform video game the player jumps and runs across different levels while being atop enemies. Most of the titles have the same plot with Mario being tasked with rescuing the princess from the evil Bowser while also battling Koopas. The first game in the series was released in 1985 and established the concepts and elements prevalent in the preceding games. Some of these features include power-ups and items that grant Mario special magic powers that include changing into giant, fire-throwing abilities and become miniature. The game is part of the Mario franchise that now includes television, film, printed media, and merchandise. Super Mario has seen over 310 million copies being sold globally and establishing the game as the bestselling video game in history. Download Our Super Mario Emulator Here.

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How to Play Super Mario Game

The main objective of the game is to go through the various levels while collecting items, defeating enemies and solving puzzles without losing your life. You will need to make good use of the various power-ups available in the game. Nintendo produced both 2D and 3D versions of the game. The game is a side-scrolling game in which the player helps Mario –the protagonist – navigate through the game levels through jumping on podiums and villains while avoiding attacks. To proceed to the next level in the games you have to finish listed objectives in the game before finding the exit. An overworld was introduced in Super Mario 3 where a nonlinear levels branch according to the player’s preferences. Levels with multiple exits where introduced in Super Mario World. Download Super Mario Emulator Here.

Most of the hidden items in Super Mario are hidden in blocks, which Mario has to hit in order to reveal a coin or power-ups. The most prevalent power-up in the game is the super mushroom. You will find mushroom ups in almost all Super Mario games. There are certain blocks that Mario cannot break unless he acquires the Super Mushroom, which turns him into a Super Mario. Instead of losing his life, Mario usually reverts to his original size when hit by an enemy. When Mario is in a state of “Super Mario” most of the super mushrooms will have the powerful Fire Flower. The Super mushroom has a red and white cap with an ivory stalk. This is very similar to the Amanita Muscaria. When Shigeru was asked why the Super Mushroom was so small he said he did not want it to dwarf Mario in the game. Download Super Mario Emulator Here.

Special features in Super Mario Game

Download Super Mario Land ROMIn Super Mario 2 they introduced the Poison Mushroom and it was a dark-colored mushroom that had spikes and had the same effect as getting hit by the enemies. Later games made the poison mushroom to look like Super Mushroom with the key difference being its menacing face.  A recurring item in the new Super Mario Bros. series is the mini mushroom that shrinks Mario into a miniature creature. This enables Mario to fit into small places like pipes that he would not be able to access in his normal size. As a mini Mario, he is able to float midair, jump higher, bounce off enemies, and destroy them by ground pounding. He can run across water surfaces like his in the land. The downside to this is that he is very vulnerable and loses his life easier when hit. In new super Mario Bros U, Mario is able to climb walls. To access more game features download Super Mario Emulator Here.

The Mega mushroom was introduced in New Super Mario Bros, version 2 and Super Mario 3D World. The Mushroom turns Mario into a giant that can destroy enemies and run through obstacles. It appears with red spots and an orange-yellow cap; unlike Super Mushroom the mega mushroom cap is inflated. In Super Mario 64 DS the mega mushroom is simply referred to as the mushroom; powers granted to Mario are the same. The bee mushroom – gives Mario a bee suit – can be found in Super Mario Galaxy while a spring mushroom puts Mario into a metallic coil. In Super Mario Maker there is the Mystery Mushroom that provides the player with a costume and has similar powers to the Super Mushroom. You can download Super Mario Emulator Here.

Super Mario EmulatorMario can get an extra life through the 1-Up which appears as a white and green mushroom. In Super Mario Bros they were introduced in invisible blocks and had green spots and orange caps. There are certain areas where you will find 1-Ups and they can also take forms like 3-Up Moon; seen in Super Mario World. Download Super Mario Emulator Here.

To shoot projectiles Mario will need flower power-ups. In Super Mario Bros – where the fire flower was introduced – it gives Mario the power to throw fireballs at enemies when his transformed into Fire Mario. The first 3D game to have the fire flower was Super Mario Galaxy. Another item similar to the fire flower is the Superball; this is a bouncing ball that Mario uses to collect coins and defeat enemies. Through ice flower Mario becomes Mario ice; instead of shooting fire projectiles Mario shoots ice balls. Enemies hit by the projectiles turn into ice and Mario can use them as platforms or throw them as projectiles. The ice flower works differently in Super Mario Galaxy and enables Mario to walk on water or lava for a limited amount of time. In New Super Mario Bros U and Super Mario Wii, it enables Mario to throw ice projectiles that put enemies in ice cubes making them immobile. He can then later use the ice cube as a projectile. New SM Bros 2 has a gold flower that enables Mario to convert bricks into coins and uses the same to earn more bonus coins, which he can use to defeat enemies. Download Super Mario Emulator Here.

The invincibility power – granted by Starman – first made its appearance in Super Mario Bros and included an anthropomorphized flashing star. In other Super Mario World games it is referred to as the Super Star and in Super Mario Galaxy it is called Rainbow star. When Mario comes into contact with this star he becomes invisible and it becomes difficult to harm him. When Mario is invisible there will be a distinctive soundtrack in the background. Under the star influence, Mario has increased speed and jumping abilities while colors on his body will be flashing. In this state, Mario can also kill enemies by coming into contact with them. In Super Mario World 2 it will give baby Mario the ability to become invisible as well as to run. Invincibility in Super Mario 64 comes when he wears a vanish or metal cap. Mega mushroom has the ability to become a giant and destroy any obstacles before them. Download Super Mario Emulator Here.

To progress to the overworld the player has to collect several collectibles that are found in certain levels. To access the power stars and course tokens you will need to travel to far to reach locations and complete some stunts. Six golden coins need to be collected when one is in Super Mario Land 2. The ability to fly through a special carpet was first introduced in Super Mario Bros 2. A super leaf and a tanooki suit enable Mario to use an animal tail to propel himself during flight. This can be seen in Super Mario 3. The propeller mushroom in New Super Mario bros enables Mario spin block, go into the air, and slowly descend. Download Super Mario Emulator Here.

In Super Mario Land, Mario gets hold of a yellow airplane called Sky pop that has unlimited ammunition. There are various flight options in Super Mario World including a feather item that provides a cape; Mario can also become a balloon by buffing into the P balloon. Yoshi can use a blue Koopa shell to acquire wings and fly. In Super Mario 64 flight is through a winged cap. New super Mario bros u have Mario using a flying squirrel suit to glide through the air but his flight is limited. He can also command a pink baby Yoshi to turn into a moving balloon. In SM Galaxy a special star enables Mario for a restricted time to turn into a flying Mario. Download Super Mario Emulator Here.

Beginning with Super Mario 3 you will find several power-ups based on animals. The raccoon and tanooki suit enables Mario to fly by becoming a propeller. It also lets Mario become an invincible statute for around five seconds. In Super Mario 3D a silver variation of the suit is seen. In Super Mario 3 the suit gives Mario the ability to throw hammer like projectiles while attacking his enemies from a distance. While Mario has the suit on he is immune to fire attacks. At some point, the developers of the game realized that the hammer suit was so powerful that they decided to downgrade it. A boomerang suit that enables Mario to throw boomerang projectiles was introduced in Super Mario 3D. In other games, you will also find a Tanooki, frog, penguin, bee, and catsuits. Download our Super Mario Emulator Here.

Coins can be found in all the Super Mario games. They are often distributed as rewards and puzzles. If the player acquires 50 to 100 coins they are given an extra life. Variants of coins include dragon, silver, star coins among others. In some game, versions coins replenish health and air when Mario is underwater. When you collect over 100 coins you get a power star. If you have eight red coins you get rewarded with a red coin. Download our Super Mario Emulator Here.Download Super Mario Land ROM

How to use Super Mario Emulator

If you are looking for a great way to play Super Mario game on your computer then download our Super Mario emulator. The emulator turns your PC into a gaming console and you can play the game just like you did on your handheld device. The download process is very simple with a tutorial to guide you all through the way. Besides the emulator, you will find our editing tools to very useful when it comes to customizing your own maps, characters and unlocking special items. Super Mario game has the added advantage of having a lot of collectible items. You can unlock this using our cool editor. Our editor converts your gaming experience into your own imagination. The Super Mario emulator is available for download by anyone.

Compatibility and Security

When we were designing our Super Mario Emulator we wanted to include everyone and this led us to create one that is compatible with most PCs. You can use it on Microsoft Windows or Mac Pc. Security is paramount when it comes to online downloads. We have a site that is free from malware and viruses. You do not have to worry about bugs with the emulator and you can play the game just like you did on your console. Our emulator does not cause any game blockages or errors.

Customer Support

We have a professional customer care support staff, who are available 24/7 to answer any questions that you may have. You can also contact us through our suggestion box. Serving you is our priority. Try our Super Mario Emulator Today.

Why Choose Us?

We have taken the right steps to ensure that our Emulator is useful and helps you better enjoy the game. Our editor is user-friendly and can be used by beginners.

Download our Super Mario Emulator HereDownload Super Mario Land ROM

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