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Super Mario Bros Emulator: Unlock Cool Collectible Items

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Super Mario Bros is a side-scrolling video game that was released in 1983 as an arcade game – Mario Bros. It was released for NES in 1987 and for Japanese Famicom in 1985. In the game the main protagonist is Mario who is accompanied by his brother Luigi (can play him in the multiplayer mode). Mario and Luigi travel through the Mushroom Kingdom to save the princess Toadstool who has been taken captive by the evil bowser – who happens to be the antagonist. The game uses side-scrolling screens from the right to control the characters. You will need to avoid enemies and pits while making good use of power-ups like firepower, super mushroom, and Starman. The creator Shigeru Miyamoto while in Famicom initially planned super Mario as a farewell. The game was simple with easy to access levels. The first level – world 1-1 – explained the games key features. Koji Kondo composed the music in the game. The game has been hailed as one of the best video games of all time. Super Mario Bros has sold over 40 million copies worldwide hence making it one of the best-selling games of all time. The game popularized side-scrolling games. Game series, animated TV shows, and films have become part of the Super Mario franchise. Get our Super Mario Bros Emulator.

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How to Play Super Mario Bros Emulator

In the game, the player takes the role of the protagonist – Mario – while in the multiplayer mode the other player will use Mario younger brother called Luigi. Luigi has the same role as Mario. The objective of Super Mario Bros is to navigate the mushroom terrain to save Princess Toadstool while avoiding attacks from Bowser and his team. To reach the end of the flagpole the player has to move from the left to the right side of the game. This will take them to the next level. There are several coins available for Mario to collect. Some of the coins are hidden in special bricks with a question mark on them and Mario has to hit them from below to reveal what’s inside. Download Super Mario Bros Emulator here.

Invisible bricks also contain special items or coins. When Mario gets a super mushroom his size doubles and his ability to break bricks above him. During this period if Mario gets hit he returns to his normal size instead of dying. When the game starts, they are given a certain number of lives. To gain more lives the player has to collect 100 coins, pick up green spotted orange 1-up mushrooms found in hidden bricks or use a Koopa shell to defeat several enemies in a row. You can also get additional lives by bouncing on enemies without touching the ground. To lose a life Mario has to fall into a pit, take damage while small, or run out of time. It’s game end when all lives are lost. Download our Super Mario Bros Emulator Here.

Download Super Mario Bros EmulatorMario primary mode of attack on enemies is to jump on top of them. However, enemies react differently to this; some like Goomba will flatten and you defeat them while a Koopa Troopa will go back to its shell enabling Mario to use it as a projectile. The thrown balls can later bounce back and injure or kill Mario but most of the time they are deflated of walls to kill enemies. You cannot jump over some underwater enemies because they have spikes, which can harm the player. The player can also jump to hit a brick in which an enemy is on and destroy them. To throw fireballs, Mario has to acquire Fire flower from blocks with question marks. The bricks will change to reflect the color of Mario’s outfit. When Mario hits certain concealed blocks he gets access to the Starman; the item makes Mario be invisible and his ability to avoid hazards and strike enemies through contact. Download our Super Mario Bros Emulator Here.

Super Mario Bros consists of eight different worlds with four sub-levels in each. In the final battle, Bowser is fought in a suspension bridge located near a castle. The plot gets interesting the bowser one fights in level seven are actually false bowsers and the real bowser is encountered in the eighth world. You can defeat Bowser and his allies by reaching for an ax at the end of the bridge or by jumping over them. Some of the stages take place underwater and you will encounter different enemies. You also find a lot of hidden areas and bonuses. Secret areas contain coins which Mario can collect while some have warp pipes. The warp pipes enable Mario to directly go to other worlds without having to complete the various stages. Once you complete the game you will replay the game again but this time the difficulty level increases. Buzzy beetles replace Goombas in the game while some creatures looking like Koopa Troopas emerge; however, a fire flower cannot destroy them. Download Super Mario Bros Emulator Here.

What is the Plot in Super Mario Bros?

The game plot takes place in a fantasy world called mushroom kingdom. A group of Koopa troopas invade the mushroom kingdom and by using magic given to them by their king – bowser – they turn the inhabitants into stones, bricks, and horsehair plants. The only person who has the power to reverse the spell is Princess Toadstool – who is kidnapped by the bowser. Mario soon learns of what has happened to the Mushroom Kingdom and embarks on a journey to save them and the princess. He travels through the kingdom with the help of his brother Luigi. They fight various Koopa troopas and the final battle is between Mario and Bowser. Using an axe, Mario is able to strike the bridge that bowser is standing on and he falls into the lava. After Mario defeats Bowser he is able to set free Princess Toadstool who in turn breaks the spell the holds the Mushroom kingdom people in captivity. Download our Super Mario Bros Emulator Here.

Items found in Super Mario Games

The mushroom power-up appears in almost all the Super Mario games with the most common one being the Super Mushroom. This item enables Mario to increase in size hence giving him the ability to break certain blocks. Instead of losing his life when hit by an enemy, Mario just reverts to his original size. In his super form, Mario can access blocks having a power-up called fire flower. Initial developments of Super Mario found him to be too tall and so the Super Mushrooms where introduced to shrink and grow Mario. Download Super Mario Bros Emulator Here.Download Super Mario Bros Emulator

A dark blue-capped mushroom called the poison mushroom was introduced in Super Mario Bros 2. You get the same effect as being hit by the enemy or stepping on a spike with the poison mushroom. Later games later made the poison mushroom look the same as the Super mushroom but with a more menacing face. Another mushroom introduced is the mini-mushroom and it makes Super Mario shrink in size when he encounters it. It also enables him to go through pipes and small spaces. Mini Mario is also capable of floating midair, jumping higher and bouncing off enemies and not causing them any harm except when pounding. The mini mushroom can also run across water surfaces and then jump like they do on land. The drawback to this state is that Mario is more vulnerable and can lose a life if he gets hit. In the new Super Mario Bros U the mini Mario is capable of climbing walls. Download our Super Mario Bros Emulator here.

The Mega mushroom was introduced in later super Mario series and enables Mario to become a towering giant that destroys enemies and runs over their environment. In Super Mario Bros he appears with an orange-yellow cap with red spots. In Super Mario 3DS he appears simply as mushroom but with the same functions. Another common feature in almost all the Super Mario games is the 1-Up. This item often appears as a green and white mushroom that gives Mario an extra life. They made their debut in Super Mario Bros, where they hide in invisible block items; they appear with orange caps and green spots. You can find the 1-ups when walking in special areas. Download Super Mario Bros Emulator Here.

To shoot various projectiles Mario has to use flower power-ups. Super Mario Bros was the first to introduce the Fire Flower and this gives Mario to throw fireballs at enemies. In Super Mario Land, the fireball is a bouncing ball that you get from the super flower; Mario can use it to collect coins and defeat enemies. On the other hand, the ice flower enables Mario to shoot ice balls similar to fireballs at enemies. In Super Mario Galaxy, the ice flower enables Mario to walk on lava after turning the surface into ice while in Super Mario Bros Wii and Bros U Mario can freeze his enemies and put them into ice cubes making them immobile. The player can then choose to either use this ice cubes as projectiles. The gold flower enables Mario to transform bricks to coins and defeat enemies by earning bonus coins. Download Super Mario Bros Emulator Here.

The Starman – an anthropomorphized flashing star- grants Mario invincibility powers. In other games, the star is called Super Star or rainbow star. When Mario picks up the star he momentarily becomes invincible and no harm can befall him. When this happens, usually background music goes on while  Mario colors flicker. In some games, this gives the player greater speeds and enhanced jumping abilities. The invisibility mode enables Mario to kill enemies by having contact with them. In Yoshi island, it lets an immobile Mario run and also become invisible. In Super Mario 64 Mario becomes invisible when he wears a vanish or metal cap. When Mario encounters the mega mushroom he becomes and giant and is able to crash his environment. How Mario becomes invisible varies from one title to another. Download Super Mario Bros Emulator Here.

How to use Super Mario Bros Emulator

Super Mario Bros is an excellent game to play on your console. But, if you could have the same experience on your PC. With our Super Mario Bros emulator, you can turn your Pc into a gaming console. And that’s not all; with our user-friendly editor you can customize your own maps, characters and unlock special items. The editor lets you create a gaming world beyond your imagination. Our emulator does not cause any blockages and you get to play the game just like you did before. You get to manipulate the game in a simple way and this makes playing the game very interesting.

Compatibility and Security

Our Super Mario Emulator is compatible with most of PCs. You can use it on Microsoft Windows or Mac Pc. The game turns your PC into a gaming console. Many of our customers are worried about security. They are afraid of downloading stuff laden with viruses. We use sophisticated encryption software to ensure that the downloads that you make are safe, secure and free from any malware. Our emulator is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly editor that can be accessed by anyone – including beginners. To begin enjoying some of these awesome features, download our Super Mario Bros Emulator Here.

Customer Support

In case you do experience any challenges while downloading our emulator, you can always contact any of our customer support staff who are available 24/7. Besides, you can also send us your comments through our suggestion box.

Why Choose Us?

We have ensured that the emulator that you download is both useful and safe. You will not experience any blockages when using the emulator and we ensure that the downloads from our site are up to date.

Download our Super Mario Bros Emulator Here.Download Super Mario Bros Emulator



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