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Super Mario 64 was released in 1996 for Nintendo 64 and it was one of the first game in the series to use 3-dimensional graphics (3D). it was also one of the first games for the console. The game did well for Nintendo and sold more than eleven million copies. Later in 2004, Nintendo did a remake of the game. Super Mario 64 features Mario the protagonist who needs to save Princess Peach from the hands of the villain called Bowser. The game uses an open platform with many forms of parameters from the player can access all axis in space. Unlike the two dimensional sprites, Super Mario 64 uses true 3D polygons. When Super Mario was transitioning to 3D it required the player to through multiple missions in vast worlds in addition to the popular linear obstacles. The game has still retained some of the characters and visual style. Some of the outstanding features in Super Mario 64 included 360-degree analog control and a dynamic camera system. The game revolutionized 3D gaming. Download our Super Mario 64 ROM Here.

Download Super Mario 64 ROM

How to Play Super Mario 64 Game

The game is a 3D platformer where you control Mario through several levels. In each course, you have an enclosed world where Mario can navigate in all directions and explore different environments without any time constraints. In the game the player will encounter friends like Bob-omb who will give favors, offer information and assistance. You will also encounter enemies keen on your ultimate destruction. As you progress through the various courses you will get to earn stars. Some of the stars can only be earned by completing specific tasks. The challenges may include:- solving puzzles, defeating a boss, gathering coins and racing an opponent. More areas of the castle hub become more accessible as more stars are earned. Once the player defeats the bowser in special courses they are then able to unlock doors in the castle received keys. You will find plenty of mini-courses, extra stars  and secrets that you will need to fully complete the game. Download our Super Mario 64 ROM Here.

Super Mario 64 has 3 extraordinary power up caps that you will find in different stages of the game; each of the capes has special features. The wing cap lets the player fly; vanish cap makes Mario invisible hence giving him the ability to walk through a wire mesh while being able to resist some forms of attack; metal cap gives Mario immunity from damage while giving him the ability to walk underwater and be unharmed by noxious gases. By speaking to a pink Bob-omb, Mario can use cannons in some courses. The cannons give Mario the ability to be shot into distant places while when used with a wing cap the player can reach higher attitudes and go through levels faster. Download Super Mario 64 ROM Here.

In Super Mario 64, Mario is capable of doing more than in previous games. Mario can run, walk, couch, jump, crawl, climb, swim, punch or kick using the game’s controller analog buttons and sticks. When you combine a regular jump with other actions you can perform special jumps. Actions combined include triple jumps (jumping two or three times respectively), double jumps, backflip and long jump. You can also do special maneuvers like wall jumping; this is rapidly jumping from one wall to another in areas that are too high. There several rare items that the player can collect and this can be used to solve puzzles or at various speeds swim underwater. Depending on how long he can hold his breath underwater, Mario life energy diminishes faster. To collect rare items download our Super Mario 64 ROM Here.

What is the Game Plot in Super Mario 64?

Download Super Mario 64 ROMThe game’s plot takes place in a fictional castle where Princess Peach lives. It consists of a basement, three floors, a courtyard and a moat. It is in the outer court that the player can experiment with their skills and get a feel of how the game operates. There special pathways in the castle entrances; they can be accessed via paintings and secret walls. The game begins with an invitation by Princess Peach to Mario to come over to the castle for a cake she has baked. Using the 120 power stars bowser invades the castle and imprisons princess peach and her servants through the powers he has acquired. Download Super Mario 64 ROM Here.

The minions under Bowser powers watch over the stars through secret paintings in the castle walls. Mario objective is to find these paintings with the power to take him to the worlds and retrieve the stars. As he receives more power stars his ability to gain access to more rooms; after navigating three more obstacles his ability to find bowser and defeat him. When he defeats Mario twice his given the ability to go into another level in the castle. Princess Peach is hidden in stained glass window above the castle and it is after Mario defeats Bowser his he able to rescue her. The game ends with peach giving Mario the cake she had promised and given him a kiss on his cheek. Download Super Mario 64 ROM Here.

Super Mario Common Elements

There some items you will find recurring in many Mario Games. These items can be found in item blocks, which Mario has to hit to receive the item. In every Super Mario game, you will encounter power-ups. The most popular of these is the mega Mushroom; which has the power to turn Mario into a gigantic Mario but he often returns to his normal size when hit by an enemy. The blocks that previously had Super mushroom usually contain a more powerful power up when Mario is Super Mario like the fire flower. Super Mushroom appears in an ivory stalk and a red and white cap. Download Super Mario 64 ROM Here.

Another mushroom first seen in Super Mario Bros 2 is the poison mushroom. The dark blue shaped mushroom – later Mario series have them looking similar to super mushroom but with a meaner face – have the same effect as a spike being touched or being hit by an enemy. Mini mushroom is a small mushroom that when touched causes Mario to become small. Mini Mario is able to crawl into small spaces and pipes with ease. He is also to float midair, jump higher, and bounce off enemies without causing them any harm unless his pounding. In addition, he can also run across surfaces and jump as if his on land. Download Super Mario 64 ROM Here. However, Mini Mario is vulnerable and will lose a life if his hit.

The mega mushroom was a new mushroom introduced in New Super Mario Bros 1 and 2 and in a 3D world. The mushroom turns Mario into a giant capable of destroying enemies and his environment. Mega mushroom appears in most games wearing an orange-yellow cap with red spots. In Super Mario 64 DS he is simply called mushroom and has the same abilities as the Mega Mushroom. Download Our Super Mario 64 ROM here.

Green and white mushrooms usually represent a 1-up. They are used in the game to give Mario an extra life. I-UP made their debut in Super Mario Bros and are often hidden in invisible blocks. For the 3D games, you can access them when you walk in special areas. Another common feature in most Super Mario games is the flower projectiles. In Super Mario Bros the fire flower gives Mario the ability to throw fireballs at enemies. In Super Mario Land, the fireball appears as a bouncing ball that Mario can use to collect coins and defeat enemies. Just like the fire flower, the ice flower enables Mario to throw ice projectiles. When the projectile gets into contact with the enemy, he freezes into a block of ice. In Super Mario Galaxy the ice flower lets Mario to walk on lava as if his on land for a limited time. The flower can also turn enemies into ice blocks, which Mario can choose to use as projectiles. In the new Super Mario Bros 2 the gold flower helps Mario earn bonus coins for defeating enemies and turn bricks into coins. Download Super Mario 64 ROM Here.Download Super Mario 64 ROM

A cool feature that made its debut in Super Mario Bros is the Invincibility feature. This feature is granted by starman – an anthropomorphized flashing star. In other games, his just referred to as superstar or rainbow star. When Mario comes into contact with the star he momentarily becomes invisible and no harm can befall him. When Mario is invisible a distinctive music will play in the background for the duration his invisible. Mario colors also flicker and in some games, he has increased speed and ability to do high jumps. Enemies are destroyed when they come into contact with invincible Mario. In Super Mario 64 Mario becomes invincible when he wears a vanish cap or metal cap. Download Super Mario 64 ROM Here.

Mario also has the capability to fly when he uses a magic carpet. In later games, he uses the Tanooki suit or Super leaf while in others his given an animal tail that acts as a propeller. In Super Mario Land Mario has access to a yellow plane called Sky pop; the plane has unlimited ammunition. In Super Mario 64 Mario flight is courtesy of a winged cap. Several power-ups are distinguished as animals. In Super Mario Bros 3 Mario uses the Tanooki suit that gives him a propeller tail. The suit also enables Mario to become an invisible statute for a few minutes. The suit also protects Mario from fire projectiles. The Hammer suit had at some point so much power that in later games the game developers decided to downgrade it. Download Our Super Mario 64 ROM Here.

How to Use our Super Mario 64 ROM

Super Mario is one of the best console games developed by Nintendo. It has multiple levels and enables the player to take the protagonist – Mario – through many missions. While you can play the game for hours just to unlock special items and features, you can make the game interesting by downloading our Super Mario 64 ROM. The ROM comes with a user-friendly editor that enables you to unlock special collectibles and take your gaming experience beyond your imagination. With an editor, you become a designer and you can customize the game to your own unique preferences. The ROM comes with an easy to understand guide that can be used by first-timers. You do not need to be a programmer or graphic designer to use our editor. The Game ROM does not cause any blockages to your game and you play it just like before installation.

Compatibility and Security

We did not want to leave anybody behind when we developed our gaming rom. You will notice that our Super Mario 64 ROM is compatible with almost all PCs; be it windows or Mac. We take customer security very seriously and that is why we have ensured that our site is free from any malware and viruses. You can feel safe downloading stuff from our site. Our editor has been designed with the customer in mind and this makes it user-friendly. Even beginners can use it with ease. You also do not experience any form of errors when playing the game.

Customer Support

Our customer support staff are on standby to ensure that all your needs are catered for. We are available 24/7 to respond to any queries and challenges that you may have concerning the game. Our suggestion box is also open and you can send us your comments and challenges.

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To ensure that you download the best ROM we ensure that the ROM you download is the latest and most useful.

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Download Super Mario 64 ROM

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