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Mario is the main protagonist in all the Mario franchise games. He was created by Shigeru and is owned by Nintendo. He has appeared in more than 200 video games. In the games he is depicted as a short plumber, wearing blue pants, a red cap, and a red shirt. Mario lives in the fictional world of Mushroom Kingdom. Most of the time the protagonist will be on a mission to rescue Princess Peach from the evil Bowser and his cahoots called the Koopa. His often accompanied by his brother Luigi. The game franchise has been labeled as the best selling video game of all time with over 500 million units sold globally. Due to the success of the game, the developers have ventured into television, comics, film and other branded merchandise. The voice behind Mario is usually played, Charles Martinet. Initially, Shigeru while looking for a video game for Nintendo was thinking behind the lines of Popeye, Olive, and Bluto. When he was denied a license he then created a character called donkey hong. The character could not initially jump and the main focus was for the player to navigate a maze. Download our Mario ROM Here.

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Initially, the protagonist was named Jumpman and in sales brochure Mario. He was later called and subsequent games by Miyamoto had the name. A widely circulated story is told of how the Nintendo warehouse landlord – Mario Seagate – stomped the place demanding rent. After a heated confrontation with Nintendo executives it was decided to name the game Mario; after the landlord. Because most of the game is played in underground settings it was decided that the character will be a plumber. His mustache led the developers to make him Italian. Download our Mario ROM Here.

In Super Mario Land, Tatanga an alien attacks the inhabitants of Sarasaland and hypnotizes them. He also kidnaps Princess Daisy and it is up to Mario to go and rescue her. To do this he has to travel through four geographical areas and defeating Tatanga minions. He also has to corner Tatanga and destroy his evil warship. Super Mario World continues from Super Mario Bros 3 and has Mario and Princess Peach taking a vacation before she is kidnapped by Bowser. With the help of his brother Luigi and a dinosaur called Yoshi they ride him and embark on a journey to rescue the princess. Golden coins take place after Super Mario Land 2 and the land is renamed Wario Land. In the game, the antagonist – Wario – has put the inhabitants under a spell while Mario was away. The inhabitants soon think that Mario is their enemy while Wario is there master. His main objective is to acquire Mario castle and make it his own. To regain the castle Mario has to collect six golden coins. Download Mario Rom Here.

The last game to be produced during the 1989 to 1995 period was Yoshi land. Mario partners with Yoshi as they journey through six world’s to rescue baby Luigi and stork which have been captured by baby Bowser.

What is the game plot in Mario?

Download Mario ROMBetween 1996 and 2002 Mario was made into 3D. In Super Mario 64 the game begins with Mario being invited by the princess to the castle for some cake. Before he can reach there he discovers that Bowser has imprisoned the princess and all those who live there. Bowser uses the 120 stars to do this. Inside the castle are paintings with minions guarding the stars; the paintings enable one to travel to the other worlds. As Mario gains access to the paintings his ability to gain more stars and eventually defeat the evil Bowser. After three obstacles he encounters Bowser and battles him. The first battles with Bowser lead to Mario gaining keys to the castle while the final battle releases Peaches. Download Mario ROM Here.

Mario Sunshine involves Mario, peaches, and toadsworth traveling to the land of Isle Delfino. Shadow Mario resembles Mario and pollutes the town through a magic paintbrush. The shine sprites flee the island due to this. Mario is mistaken for shadow Mario and arrested for polluting the island; he also asked to clean it off the magic paintbrush. Mario with the help of Professor Gadd uses a robotic device to clean up the city. Shadow Magic then kidnaps Peach and reveals himself to be Bowser. Mario defeats Shadow Mario and rescues the princess and the game ends with them taking a vacation. Download Mario ROM Here.

From 2006 to now more Mario games have been developed. One of them is New Super Mario Bros which begins with Peach and Mario taking trips along the beach. While in the mushroom kingdom peach is kidnapped by Bowser Jr and Mario gives chase. This takes him to the eight worlds. Mario defeats Bowser jr and rescues the princess. Super Mario Galaxy is the next in the franchise and begins when the princess invites Mario to the centennial star festival. The moment he arrives bowser makes an appearance and destroys the princess castle and carries to outer space. Mario soon encounters Lumas who inform him that bowser has the power stars. To save the princess Mario has to travel through various galaxies, so as to recover the power stars. Download Mario ROM Here.

Common elements in Mario games

Super mushroom is found in almost all of the Super Mario games produced. When Mario comes into contact with the mushroom he sees his size increase. This lets him break down blocks. However, when Mario is hit he goes back to his original size. The blocks that had the super mushrooms turn back into fire flower when Mario is in super-size mode. The super mushroom has an ivory stalk with a red cap with white spots. The game designer decided to create the character after it was noticed that Mario was too big. This lead to the development of various mushrooms that could increase and shrink Mario size. Download our Mario ROM Here.

Super Mario Bros 2 was the first one in the installment to introduce the poison mushroom. In the game, it appears as a dark blue-capped mushroom that produces the same effect as spikes or being hit by an enemy. Later titles have the poison mushroom taking the same appearance as super mushroom but this time with a menacing face. The mini mushroom is the opposite of super mushroom. When Mario comes into contact with it, he reduces in size. This small size enables Mario to crawl through small places and pipes. Mario is also able to float in the air, jump higher, bounce off enemies without hurting them; this is with the exception of pounding. He can also run on water surfaces and jump like his in water. The downside is that the mini Mario is very vulnerable and can lose a life. Download Mario ROM Here.

The mega mushroom was recently introduced to some of the new titles. The mushroom turns Mario into a gigantic figure that can destroy enemies and obstacles. The mega mushroom has a yellow cap with red spots but the cap is inflated. 1Ups are another common feature in most of the Mario games. Similar to the super mushroom the 1ups appear as green and white mushroom and have the ability to give Mario an extra life. They made their debut in super Mario bros and where mostly hidden in invisible blocks with green spots on orange caps. Most of the 3D games have 1ups hidden in particular places. Download Mario Rom Here.

Mario gets the ability to shoot projectiles through flower power-ups. The fire flower turns Mario into a fire character that can shoot bouncing fireballs at enemies. The fire flower was first introduced in Super Mario Galaxy. In Mario land, the super flower produces bouncing balls which Mario can use to collect coins and defeat enemies. The ice flower similar to the fire flower enables Mario to shoot ice projectiles at enemies. If the projectiles come into contact with enemies they freeze. In Mario galaxy the ice projectiles put enemies into ice cubes; Mario can then use the cubes as projectiles. Gold flower enables Mario to earn bonus coins when he defeats enemies and gives him the ability to turn bricks into coins. Download Mario ROM Here.

Mario can also become invincible courtesy of the star man. This is an anthropomorphized flashing star. In earlier games, the star was called rainbow star or superstar. When Mario picks the star he becomes invincible and no harm can come near him. You can know that Mario is using the star due to a distinctive soundtrack that is played in the game. In some titles, Mario colors flicker and he has increased speed and ability to jump higher. Enemies are killed whenever they encounter Mario. In Super Mario 64 Mario becomes invincible when he wears a vanish cap or metal cap. Download our Mario ROM here.Download Mario ROM

Mario is also capable of flying using a magic carpet. Making an appearance in Super Mario Bros 3 he uses a power leaf or tanooki suits. The suit gives Mario a propeller tail which he uses to fly. In Mario land, Mario uses a yellow airplane called Sky Pop which is loaded with ammunition. In other games, he has a feather item on a cape. In Super Mario Galaxy Mario has to take a special red star and use it for flying. There are various power suits available in the game. Most of them are designed with animal creatures in mind. Download our Mario Rom here.

Mario games have also incorporated the idea of coins. They are used to settle puzzles and rewards. If a number of yellow coins are acquired by Mario then he gets an extra life; coins could be between 50 and 100. There are various coin variants that include dragon coins, silver coins, star coins, among others. In other games, Mario has to acquire a certain number of red coins to get a power star. Mario can use warp pipes to travel. The pipes often have a green color; other colors include blue, green, red and yellow. You can find enemies within the pipes and caution should be exercised. Download our Mario ROM here.

How to use Mario ROM

Our Mario Rom is easy to use and has been designed with the consumer in mind. Mario is a very interesting game with many levels and lots of collectible items. Once you download our ROM you will find our user-friendly editor. You can use the editor to customize game maps, unlock special levels and gain access to special items. The editor turns users into game designers. You can edit the game to your own unique preferences. You will not experience any blockages or errors after downloading the Rom.

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